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Since no two oil spills are the same, choosing the most appropriate cleaning techniques are very crucial.  The variables involved with an oil spill are oil type, location, and weather conditions. The technical aspects of dealing with a spill are very important. In response to that need, training for the people will be implemented; therefore creating more jobs with in the oil industry.
The adoption of appropriate technology along with effective strategies for operation and maintenance is needed in order to ensure that water services are sustained. These strategies must include effective management models and technical support to communities.


Good roads are a must in any growing economy.   The TRANS ATLANTIC GROUP can provide the expertise to assist in the maintenance and building of new roads that can help move people and products to and from different points with tremendous ease.
The TRANS ATLANTIC GROUP realizes that adequate and decent housing is needed.  We will develop a housing program that will address the fundamental housing needs for the people.  The new homes will be constructed with green building in mind.


In spite of the growing importance of oil, Nigeria as a whole has remained essentially an agrarian economy, with agriculture still accounting for significant shares in Gross Domestic Product and total exports as well as employing the bulk of the labor force.  As the existing farm land and land contaminated by oil is clean and made fertile again, Trans Atlantic Group will utilize the research performed by universities that specialize in agriculture to provide assistance in technology that will increase the yield per acre for the farmer’s crops.

Fruit/vegetable farming is very important to the agricultural sector.  The supply is far below the levels of demand needed. Trans Atlantic Group is capable and willing to help meet its fruit and vegetable demands and also insure that fruit and vegetable farming regain its importance.        

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