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About TAG, LLC

Commitment to Quality

Trans Atlantic Group, LLC (TAG) is a multi-disciplined environmental, agriculture, and construction contractor that provides a broad spectrum of services to local, state and federal governments and private clients. The Trans Atlantic Group has gained peer recognition for our extensive experience in the above reference areas and commitment to quality from project planning through completion.

For each and every project, the Trans Atlantic Group adheres to stringent quality assurance and quality control protocols that are applicable, relevant, and appropriate for the success of the assignment. The development and implementation of project specific Standard Operating Procedures coupled with staff training are routine at the Trans Atlantic Group and ensure consistent superior performance and results.

Company Experience

Since its’ founding in 2011, as the sister company of Multi-State Contracting Corporation has consistently provided high quality environmental, agriculture, and construction services to a growing list of clients. We have successfully teamed with major consulting firms, engineering firms, law firms, private landowners, and utilities, institutions.

As a multi discipline firm, the high quality of the Trans Atlantic Group’s work is evidenced by a steady flow of repeat business. Our clients continue to entrust the Trans Atlantic Group with increasingly complex and challenging projects. Our goal is to continue to provide our clients with scientifically valid, environmentally sound, state-of-the-art services in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Our dedication to practical, cost-effective solutions has built our strong reputation for technical excellence, highest quality outcomes, and diversity of skills to meet our clients’ needs. We are committed to providing optimal solutions to today’s challenges across the nation and around the world and to preparing for future trends in environmental, agriculture and the construction industry.

Multi-Disciplined Staff

The Trans Atlantic Group recognizes that the ability to develop and implement solutions to complex problems often requires the collaboration of specialists. For each project, we assemble an experienced team of professionals with experience and expertise in disciplines necessary to address the specific challenges of the project at hand. Our in- house resources include professional geologists, hydrogeologists, ecologists, environmental scientists, environmental engineers, construction managers, and agriculturalists. Trans Atlantic Group associates, who are respected professionals in their own fields, also join specific Trans Atlantic Group project teams on a contractual basis. Our professional staff is supported by experienced technical team members who are well-trained in all aspects of applicable, relevant and appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), quality assurance protocols, and chain of custody documentation procedures.

Project Management

Our professional staff offers expertise in comprehensive project management, current scientific developments, standard operating procedures and protocols, and quality assurance/quality control applications


The Trans Atlantic Group brings professionalism, technical knowledge, experience, and flexibility to every project, large or small. Our project teams routinely address a variety of environment, construction, and agriculture-related challenges.

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